Remembrance Day

It was August 2014. My brother was due to fly back home to Australia after coming over for a holiday to see his family and old friends. He asked me to give him a haircut before he flew back so I decided to ring Andy my photographer friend to see if we could get a few images of Darren with his new look . After speaking to Andy and coming up with a concept… The rush was on, I had 3 days to get the clothes and accessories for the shoot, get over to Andy’s studio in North Nottinghamshire, and all before my bro flew back to Oz.

I was buzzing at the opportunity to get my brother Darren in front of camera, he is such an amazing character and I knew Andy would be able to capture some fantastic images for us.

The day of the shoot

We arrived at Andy’s studio having done all the hair and beard preparations in my salon back in Leeds, all that needed doing was styling and dressing our model ready for the set. The cut was perfect, his beard was shaped and the outfits were perfect for the look we wanted to achieve. It was all systems go until the video camera came out!!

Last minute changes

At the last minute , Andy had the idea to film the shoot and brought out a video camera and said he would like to film the shoot and interview me … eeek , this made me panic as I had not previously made a video and the thought of talking , unrehearsed on camera , it filled me with horror !! It was too late, no prep time, straight into it; looking back it was for the best. No time to get too stressed.

The Creation

Follow the link to you tube to see our work